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CLADD's technology arm is focused on empowering healthcare organizations with unique, easy-to-use, financial application tools, following the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. 



Claim Spy offers both Prospective Claims Accuracy audit solutions and Retrospective Claims Accuracy audit solutions.  


We specialize in performing sophisticated data mining utilizing proprietary technology, allowing a complete review across all provider settings and lines of business. 

Claim Spy and 360 Health Systems have partnered to offer the industry's first claims recovery platform.   
P.O.R.A., Provider Overpayment Recovery Application, is the industry's first-of-its-kind web-based software, using 360 Health Systems proprietary and customized analytics to integrate all health insurance payment integrity initiatives, contract configuration and modeling into a centralized and user-friendly application.
P.O.R.A. assists you in navigating the complex healthcare billing and payment environment using your "BIG DATA" while providing unmatched benefits.

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We are an innovator for your healthcare system.  We offer an unparalleled solution for all of your patient management needs.  Sitting at the intersection of healthcare, providers, payers and patients, our EMR software delivers efficient productivity.

Adhering and exceeding all HIPAA regulations is standard for us and gives you the piece of mind that our environment is ultra-secure.

Partnering with high-tech firms like DME360, Quickbase and a multitude of back-end integrations, CLADD's EMR software allows your organization to thrive without the old-fashioned cost of hosting and hardware expense.

By maintaining better records within our EMR software, you can ensure that your employees spend less time chasing down files and more time helping patients. Improve processes with our online, cloud-based EMR software solutions and create a better, safer facility overall.



MedRx360's comprehensive Medical Pharmacy Utilization Management Program can revolutionize spending expenditures for large and small healthcare plans on J Codes.


  • Real-time Prior Authorization (PA) with Industry-Leading Informatics

  • Claims pended for payment to assure compliance with PA

  • Medication Therapy Management of all high cost treatment plans

  • Management and reporting for formulary and rebates

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